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Yes! This is exactly the paint-by-numbers system I've been looking for! I know that there are probably a thousand books on origami out there, but nothing I've seen is quite like what you just described.

It's tough to spend good money on books only to find that sometimes many of the steps are so confusing my models never turn out looking like they should. And it's a painful drag and an awful waste of time trying to find decent and complete origami instructions online that aren't just as confusing.

And, unlike other books and videos, "InstantOrigami™" comes with a rock solid 36 month, "money-back-but-keep-everything" guarantee (that lets me get 100% of my purchase price instantly refunded AND still keep the entire package -- no questions asked -- if I don't like the system for any reason what so ever.) That's better than any I have ever seen anywhere.

Please give me instant access to;

    • The complete unique system of 24 folding templates...

    • Your detailed step-by-step 'quick start folding manual', complete with REAL live photos, not iffy illustrations and...

    • The 24 carefully selected printable textures to give my models real color and save me trips to the store to buy patterned paper.

It's a steal of a deal for the rest of us who aren't already expert folders but want a simple and effective way to get started creating eye catching models immediately.

...I'm pretty darn skeptical and don't usually make a lot of orders online, but I admit... This was certainly one of the more worthwhile online purchases I've made in quite a while.

"InstantOrigami™" was everything you said it was... I'm having loads of fun with it.

- Joanne La Touche


When you submit your order within the next 35 minutes, you will be guaranteed to receive a VERY LIMITED special UPGRADE offer - The Deluxe Gold Package. It includes the entire "InstantOrigami™" Toolkit PLUS;

"The Insiders' Secrets Of A CrackShot Paper-Folding Magician"

It's an exclusive, one-on-one interview I did with Mr. W. detailing all his best folding techniques and tricks gathered over 23+ years of personal experience professionally folding origami.

It's phenomenal! -- Stuff you won't find in books anywhere else including;

  • One simple but genius finger exercise you should be using to possibly shave minutes off of your folding time for any model...

  • His personal 3 step formula (that most people will turn up their noses at) for creating almost anything you dare him to!...

  • Lots more!..

This offer is not available in stores and will never be made again, and you can't purchase it separately!

If you want to try to find these additional bonus tips elsewhere be my guest. But if you really want to 'one-up' your origami skills and get insights from someone who really knows his craft inside out, you're in for a treat!

It's a full 43 minutes of actual audio and you get access to it the moment you place your order. Follow the simple download instructions and it's yours to play and replay forever.

And because it's in REAL MEDIA format you'll be downloading it right away, you know the quality is excellent and it'll play effortlessly on either PC or MAC.

Like I said this is a ONE TIME ONLY offering -- With a recommended retail value of $37. However, if you decide now to add it to your current order of "InstantOrigami™" I'll knock off $33 and you get it now for only $5!

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