Stop creating origami the hard way! The InstantOrigami Toolkit is the first and only system online that GUARANTEES you too will create perfect origami on your very first try!

"...A Completely Different Approach to Origami
Took Me From
Being An Origami Klutz Who
Messed Up Every Model I Tried, To Origami Expert
Folding Up A Storm In One Short Evening."

...And I'm Convinced That Anyone Can Copy
What I'm Doing Once They Understand It.

By Gabriel Thomas

"...If YOU Can Fold Along A Few Dotted Lines Then YOU Too Can Create Dozens Of Great Looking Origami Models Like Those Below -- In Minutes Even On Your Very First Try!

Grazing Horse
Rearing Horse
  • Frog
  • Candy Bowl
  • Crane
  • Egg
  • Canoe
  • Flapping Bird
  • Talking Fish
  • Tadpole
  • Spiked Box
  • Sambo
  • Hopping Bunny
  • Fox Puppet


Dear Origami Lover,

My name is Gabriel Thomas and in one short, fun-filled evening I went from being a total origami goofball to an origami master 'ninja' using the ONLY system online that can guarantee that you'll create fantastic origami on your very first try! - No matter if you've never even folded a paper plane before .

...I don't care what book, video or website instructions you've tried before that left you scratching your head in confusion -- Even if your origami never came out looking right, you're well on your way to creating great looking models in the next 3 1/2 minutes using the same system I used.

...Have people thinking you're a crackshot who has been folding origami for *decades* -- even if you're just starting today and you've never folded anything in your life!

...Instantly cut the wasted time and frustration caused by incomplete and confusing origami directions to ZERO -- There's almost no way you can make a 'wrong turn' with this new 'paint-by-numbers' approach.

...Accelerate your skill and create detailed, realistic models in about 30% of the time! -- Most everyone I know is tired of bumming around the Internet, scavenging for directions to create models that only they can recognize. This is way different and so far everyone I know who's tried it LOVES it.

"Bravo! I wish someone had thought of this before!"

Gabriel, this is fresh and fantastic!

My daughter Monique fell in love with it instantly!

The moment I downloaded it, she got started and within 8 minutes she had created the best looking gift box she's ever done!

What's funny is that we already have about 6 books on origami at home gathering dust in our library that she really never paid too much attention to. (After complaining about how difficult some of the designs were to follow.)

Still, using this "InstantOrigami™" thing she's already created several pieces far more beautiful than anything she's done using any of these books.

Bravo! I wish someone had thought of this before!

~ Lisa Francis

Little Mistakes That Ruin Your Origami

OK let's face it... Creating anything more than the most basic origami ain't as easy as it looks!

Sure, most anyone can fold a simple paper plane or two... But there's no doubt, that the really impressive designs that almost force people to STOP and take notice are the most difficult pieces for any hobbyist to learn.

And frankly, the really good ones are the only ones you can't fake. One 'less-than-precision' fold and the entire model goes to the dogs!

An Embarrassing Story...

There was this one time -- At a big family gathering I tried to make my niece a rose using this new origami book I had just picked up... Boy, was I ever looking forward to seeing the look on her face, because I knew she was NUTS about flowers!

Well, I struggled for an entire 20 minutes and I tell you... Was there ever a look on her face when I was done... A look like she'd just smelt a rotten egg, that is!

"What is it Uncle Gabe?... Eyeww... Looks like a worm?!" she said in her *loud*, brutally honest and high pitched voice. I tried not to show it and all, but I honestly felt really lousy. :-(

The big problem that I have is that most books on the subject are filled with illustrations that more often than not leave you itching your head...

...I've seen some directions you'd literally have to be a brain surgeon to figure out. And nothing sucks the fun out of origami like sweating beads to create a model that ends up turning out nothing like it says in the book.

If You're Still Folding Origami The Hard
Way, You Need To Try This...

Well for me that's now the old way of creating origami... Books with laborious instructions, long videos where half of what is being done is blocked by the teacher's hand and confusing website instructions are like the stone age and are now replaced by this...

Introducing InstantOrigami™ Toolkit - An All New Way
To Accelerate Your Paper Folding Skills Instantly!

Here's how my new method works... I recently sought a world class origamist who's been creating beautiful competition winning art *professionally* for over 23 years and paid him to create for me 24 of his eye grabbing designs... We'll just call him Mr. W. (By the way, he's also done work for TV stations like CBS and MTV among others and is often hired to create jaw-dropping, life sized, models for big time movie openings like Jurassic Park!)

But get this... So I hired the guy myself. I wanted him to teach me in a way that couldn't fail!

So step by step he created these amazing models...

I then had him, deconstruct all the models, and carefully and precisely draw in labeled guidelines were the folds should be made on the original sheets of paper!

I then took those to marked up sheets to my local copy store, had them scan the pages and save it all to a CD so anytime I wanted to re-create his work, I simply have to print out BOTH sides of one of the 'template' sheets on my home printer and fold along his proven guidelines.

But wait, it didn't stop there...

The Results Were Instant And Dramatic!

Not only did I get the lines marked up on the sheets because admittedly that could still be a bit confusing.

I also got him to carefully number-code each guideline, then write up very detailed step by step directions based on those labels and the guidelines as to which folds are to be made first, second etc...

I almost couldn't believe it when I first tried them!

Within minutes I had created, from scratch, designs that literally no one I showed them too could believe were done by a 'novice'!

Now please bear with me, because I'm going to show you how to…

  • Provide your kids, the elderly or yourself with countless hours of fun that is constructive and fascinating at the same time!

  • Steal away in minutes with the highly tuned skills Mr. W took over 23 years to develop, and create astonizhing origami on-the-fly that will have people convinced, that you're a pro who's been practicing origami for years!..

  • Eliminate the 'headaches' others go through trying to follow complicated folds shown in books that use 2D illustrations.

  • Win compliments and praises from friends and family for realistic looking models, and avoid the embarrassment of bland 'boring' pieces that look nothing like the real thing.

This Is Perhaps The Single Fastest and Most Effective
System to
Create Above Average Origami Ever Discovered.

I now have number coded template sheets with lines on both sides that guide me to making precise folds everytime, and the exact step by step instructions I need to guarantee that my models come out looking just like Mr. W's.

But to test if it really could work for someone else, I gave one of my InstantOrigami™ templates to my 12 year old niece and had her follow the very simple directions.

Within 6 minutes she had created a beautiful gift box...

I gave another to a friend who has been trying to learn the art for the last 7 years with very little progress...

In 5 minutes she had create a wonderful flapping bird...

I gave another to a cousin of mine who didn't even know what origami was...

In 3 1/2 minutes he had create from scratch a playful Fox Puppet! You should have seen the look on his face... He thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

. . .

Now I really am 100% convinced that it truly is the quickest and easiest way to learn to create more impressive origami for anyone of any age.

No matter your experience you will;

  • Create original models good enough to sell instead of non-impressive ones everyone has seen everywhere.

  • Dramatically 'brainwash' your mind and fingers to memorize the steps up to 3 times faster than with conventional methods...

  • Save money on consumable 'use-once-then-throw' template based books. You will enjoy creating from and using the "InstantOrigami™" toolkit for the rest of your life!

  • Amuse and bring smiles to the faces of children, and become the 'paper magician' at adult events with a wide range of models that are appreciated by young and old alike.

  • Shave your learning curve to a bare minimum and achieve in minutes and days, what took others days and years!

  • Never create a 'dorky-looking' model again!

If You Have Any Printer At Home, You Too
Can Create Origami Art You Can Be Proud Of

Recently I even sent all 24 of my InstantOrigami™ templates to my cousin in Canada for her to use, and just as I expected she got the exact same sensational results I did.

But what's this have to do with you?

Well, I'd like you too to have the entire InstantOrigami toolkit today so you too could;

  • Save time and effort and stop banging your head against the wall in frustration, trying to figure out confusing instructions.

  • Uncover the quickest and easiest route for folding any of the models, just like that!

  • Hit the ground running and get the fun started the moment you download "InstantOrigami™" -- There's no long, boring fluff and filler to wade through.

"Isn't It Obvious Why Almost Everyone
Who's Tried This Comes Across Like
A 'Crackshot' Folder

"...a Godsend for the craft!"

Gabriel now this is slick! I've always wanted to be a paper folder, but on several occasions the designs I tried turned out really crappy at best :-(

Thanks for something both me and my kids can enjoy time and time again. It really is a Godsend for the craft. :-)

~ Arlene Jeremiah

"the perfect head start advantage!"

I'm a big origami fan and I have been an on/off hobby folder for a few years, but I have two confessions to make... 1) I use the internet to search for a lot designs that quite often turn out to be incorrect and incomplete...

2) Even with experience, from time to time I still have trouble with models. Your "InstantOrigami™"  Toolkit is the perfect head start advantage especially for beginner and intermediate folders.

~ Robert Dyett

"it's a breeze!"

Gabriel... I just created a mobile for my newborn with designs from your program and it was a breeze!

When my sister visited last week and saw the mobile, first thing she wanted to know was where I had bought it... When I told her I made it myself she exclaimed, "Wow that must have been difficult?"

I just smiled and nodded my head :-)

~ Kim DeBique

"what an innovative approach!"


Thanks - it looks like an intriguing system. I've been doing and teaching origami for over 30 years myself, and will be fascinated to read and see your materials. Good for you - what an innovative approach!

~ Nancy Akerly

Just imagine being able to charm onlookers anytime, anywhere or provide yourself with hours of fun!

And within days you'll have permanently burned Mr. W's designs onto your brain and will be able to re-create them anywhere, at will, even without the templates.

Okay - So What's The Cost For This
Incredible Fresh New Resource?

Well, realize that most good instructional books and videos on origami sell for between $17 to as much as $67 easily, so naturally it follows that these innovative templates could easily sell for about $39 dollars.

In fact if you asked a top expert folder, like Mr. W to produce these detailed templates and the step by step instructions for you, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of $800 to <gulp> $1000 (that's what I paid... $1008 to be exact), not including the cost of scanning and 'mastering' all the sheets.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for the entire toolkit, the step by step instructions that go with it and the pics of the finished art is only $29.95

But you know what?... I'm betting that you already have at least one other origami book or video at your home that you spent about $17 or more on. So here's what. Because I'm a nice guy, I'll knock another $5 off that price and let you have it for only $24.95...

Actually there are two more things that I have to consider in all good conscience... At first I wasn't even thinking about making this available for anyone else but me and my family, and my aim is not to separate anyone from their hard earned money.

On the contrary, I am just trying to cover the expense of keeping this site alive and pay for the ads I have to run to get the word out to people like you about the package...

And secondly because it's all delivered via the Internet I have no additional costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone.

This way I can pass along my cost savings to you.

Because of that I'll knock another $10 off, giving you a total discount of $15 which means that all you have to pay is $14.95 and you own the system for life.

And don't worry about downloading everything. It's a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users. I've even gone ahead and created a special video that you get with your purchase and to totally explain everything you need to know.

Special Bonuses For Your Quick Action

Now most people I show this to agree that the "InstantOrigami Toolkit" is a unique steal of a deal as it is. But I'm just like the next guy... I'm not some bigshot company trying to rip people off... In fact I use the Internet just like you do -- Looking for free information on a daily basis.

(Heck I almost feel bad having to charge for this... A friend of mine who is a more experienced webmaster is helping me with this website and he advised that I'd practically burn myself with advertising if I don't charge something for this. But admittedly I'm still a bit red-faced.)

Because of that, to help make this more of a no brainer for you I decided to give you some additional stuff for free, just to sweeten the pot a bit more.

FREE Bonus #1

The InstantOrigami 'Quick Start' Guide
Retail Value $11.95

This is the guide book I had created in addition to the templates to make 110% sure the entire system is completely fool proof.

You see exact step by step guidelines for most all the models... Well over 107 real live stage by stage photographs... And the 'stamp of approval' from a 12 year old child who was able to use it to successfully create models in a flash. You'll never be alone and you *WILL* create outstanding models.

FREE Bonus #2

The "InstaPattern" Sheets
Retail Value - $7

Make your models come to life with these carefully selected patterns sampled from real 3D textures.

Finally! you too can create professional quality origami pattern sheets from the comfort of your home with only the use of your printer.

Just open up one of the many designs, hit print and voila! Impressive patterned paper every time!

LIMITED Time Bonus #3

"Turn Your Craft Into Cold Cash"
Retail Value - $27

If you've ever wondered whether or not your hobby might be turned into some profits for a change through places like eBay™ the answer is unequivocally YES, YES, YES! Did you know that the crafts industry is now a $6.2 BILLION industry?

And now you can discover the surefire secrets for turning your favorite crafts in cold hard cash. There are people making hundreds of dollars every single day doing a few hours of work at what they love... So why should you miss out?!

The catch is this however. You are getting this ebook through a special arrangement I had to make with another publisher to be able to distribute it...

However, the deal that I secured only allows me to freely give away 147, 96, 63 more copies of this ebook with my InstantOrigami™ package.

WARNING!! - After that, the doors are CLOSED and you will NOT be able to get this bonus ever again.

I admit you'll still be able to pick up all my stuff, but for this bonus, I don't expect copies to last very long at all.

I urge you to act TODAY to secure a copy of InstantOrigami™ with "Crafts Into Cash". You won't regret it!

But maybe you're still unsure? You'd rather be safe than sorry? Well I don't want you to feel any risk at all with the purchase. So here's...

My Personal Eye-Popping Lifetime
Money Back Guarantee.

If you order a copy of The "InstantOrigami™" Toolkit today, put it to the test and find that it isn't everything I say it is - (i.e. the single easiest, most convenient way to create great looking origami within minutes), I insist that you request a 100% refund on your purchase, which will be courteously processed immediately (no hard feelings) and further more, I actually want you to keep EVERYTHING, the entire package, at my loss.

I realize that I can get taken to the cleaners here, but it's still a personal promise, one origami lover to another, and you know what? -- To date not a single person has ever taken me up on this guarantee -- Everyone who uses it is totally bowled over!

Act Now! - Here's What You Need To Do

Just to recap the offer... when you order today you get;

The InstantOrigami™ Toolkit folding templates, for dozens of great looking models...

Brontosaurus, Real Hopping Bunny, Classic Crane, Fancy Candy Bowl, Canoe, Silly Fox Puppet, Flapping Bird, 3D Frog, Rearing Horse, Grazing Horse, Lotus, Pegasus, Pteranodon, Rose, Tulip, T-Rex, Unicorn and more (Retail $29.95)

The plain language, stage-by-stage "Quick Start Action Manual"... (Retail value $11.95)
The designer "InstaPattern Sheets" to make your own patterned origami sheets at home... (Retail Value $7.00)
One of 147, 96, 63 remaining copies of "Craft Into Cash!" profit making ebook... (Retail value $27)
My lopsided Lifetime, 'Gabriel-Is-A-Nut' guarantee... (priceless )
A deep 50% discount... ($15.00 off)

Total worth <gulp> $90.90

You get it ALL for only $14.95

All you have to do is click this link to be taken to our "Risk Free Acceptance Form."

All your sensitive information will be entered through a 100% safe and secure SSL server. (Meaning that NO ONE will ever see any of your personal data except your bank). I cut no corners here... I HATE online fraud with a passion, because I've been a victim of it myself!

I urge you to take action right now and grab this unique new kit on creating better origami faster. Trust me, you won't regret it. Grab your copy now by clicking here for our risk free acceptance form.

God Bless.

Fellow Origami Enthusiast

PS You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start creating amazing origami using the "InstantOrigami™" Toolkit. You won't need any confusing instructional books or videos ever again when you copy my mentor Mr. W's secrets and re-create his best designs on-the-fly... Completely at my risk!

PPS "InstantOrigami™" makes an excellent gift for kids and elderly folks alike, and its an amazing way to teach both a thrilling craft and math and symmetry as well. You'll have the entire package downloaded and on your computer in about 7 minutes from now, no matter what time it is or where in the world you live.

PPPS -- Let's be blunt... If you pass on this offer, will you be folding astonishing origami one hour from now, without all the hassle of confusing books and diagrams? Probably not!

You'll still wish and want to, but it'll probably stop there... With you wishing and wanting... Get this toolkit NOW and start creating better origami in minutes!

Click here now to get started no matter if you're a beginner paper folder or an experienced pro!

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